Journalism for developers

Journalism for developers

March 15 at 10 AM – 5 PM at Södertörn University

Some programmers have gone from coding to journalism. Some technically skilled leaders have designers, programmers and journalist in their teams and cooperate with them on a daily basis. What are their experiences? What are the lessons learned?
Learn from and discuss with leaders that has experience from both worlds.

What dilemmas faces journalists, editors and publishers when it comes to ethics and drawing the thin lines between what is right and what is wrong to do?
What characterizes the real investigative journalism that sets the agenda for a whole nation? Learn from Bernt Olufsen, one of the Nordic’s longest serving and top tabloid editors, to-day traveling the world teaching ethics to others.

Also introducing senior lecturer and software developer Walid Al-Saqaf at Sodertorn University that will tell you about groundbreaking ideas on how blockchain tech will be an editorial currency for debunking the threats of fake news.

Dan Kåre Engebrektsen (formerly VG, now NRK, Norway), editorial developer who will talk on his awardwinning cases and his journey from programmer to editorial leader. Dan Kåre is a well known figure among data journalist throughout the Nordics.

Christer Johnsen (Adresseavisen, Norway) head of editorial developments in the Mid-Norway regional morning newspaper. Christer has worked his way from web journalist, developer, project manager to chairing the editorial development team of one of the most forward leaning news outlets in the tech capitol of Norway bringing fresh, new ideas to the table when facing shrinking budgets.

Bernt Olufsen, former editor-in-cheif of VG for nearly 20 years, now a national blogger on journalism. Bernt was for years the most hunted editor in Norway facing numerous lawsuits, but he never lost a case in court! Bernt made VG the largest and most profitable newspaper by doing quality journalism in a tabloid way and initiated the transition from print to digital for Norways most successful news brand. Bernt have for years headed the jury for investigative reporting in Norway.

Walid Al-Saqaf, (Sodertorn University) senior lecturer in media technology, journalism, internet and blockchain research. In this course you will have an almost one-to-one lecture on groundbreaking new technologies that goes to the core of publishing challenges, namely trust in the fake news era. Walid is is an international authority on the subject and talks from his experience as a scholar in Internet/media, cyber activist, software developer, entrepreneur and tech enthusiast.


The course is aimed at programmers, developers, designers and technically trained media people that wants to learn more on journalism, both in a data journalism framework and classical journalism teachings from senior editorial leaders and lectures who have felt the heat of operations. Limited size of the group will provide excellent opportunities for self development and engagement.

Responsibility for the course:

Geir Terje Ruud, head of development of NTB (Norwegian Press Agency) former editor-in-chief of Extrabladet, Denmark and editor of VG Nett, Norway
Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen, head of NxtMedia Network, Norway, numerious national and international media positions, former editor of Adresseavisen,Norway.

Practical information:

The workshop costs 2,000 SEK + VAT and include coffee, breakfast sandwich, lunch and afternoon coffee
There will be computers available or you can use your own computer.
The course is open to 10 participants.
First come, first serve.
After 1 of March the registration is binding