Python Crash Course: Goodbye Excel, Hello Pandas

“Goodbye Excel, Hello Pandas”

Additional Python Crash Course 15 of March at 10 AM – 5 PM.
Trainers: Jens Finnäs, Leo Wallentin & Sascha Granberg

In the last two years we at J++ have almost completely left our old buddy Excel in favor of code-based data analysis in Python Pandas. With this workshop we will try to convince you to do the same.

We will introduce Python programming for journalists by showing how to perform regular Excel tasks in code:

  • Open data from different sources (csv files, Google spreadsheets etc).
  • Filter and sort a dataset to get overview.
  • Basic data analysis, visualization and story finding.
  • Workflow and best practices.

We will also discuss workflows, best practices and why you should say goodbye to Excel.

For whom?

The workshop is targeted at fairly experienced data journalists, but you don’t necessarily need any prior programming experience. Developers that want to get an introduction to Pandas might also find the workshop useful.


The workshop costs 2.000 SEK + VAT and is open to 20 participants. First come, first serve. After March 1 the registration is binding.